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Yimbalji is our cultural education and design studio

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In the Yananji Language, Yimbalji means message stick. Message sticks were a form of communication within and between clans and language groups. Our message is to teach respect for Bama and Islander people, country and culture through bio-cultural education, art and design. Please see below for our suite of design and cultural education services. 

Yimbalji Shop (Coming Soon)

Our Artists

Click below to view our artist profiles, explore their artistic style and commission work from them for your office space if you love what you see. 

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Traditional Artist Profiles

Bio-Cultural Education

Bio-Cultural education is about how our country and ecosystems interact with and influence people and culture. We adopt a biocultural lens to our education to better connect people and country. Click below to view our cultural education courses, including online workshops, short courses and workplace cultural safety training. 

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List of services (Updates Coming Soon)

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