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Cultural Education Services

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What is Biocultural Education?

Biocultural Education involves understanding how our ecosystems and biological environments impact on Culture. This is particularly important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, who have a longstanding relationship with Country. 

YGT Law and Biocultural Knowledge are pioneering a new way where the central purpose is to heal and be connected to Country through our cultural education courses. Our cultural education courses:


  • Provide a culturally authentic, courageous and empowering space where reconnection to Country can happen;

  • Work toward getting the spirit right on whatever Country that we are on in the moment, and healing Country by getting our people back to spirit;

  • Inspire organizations to get back to the purpose of why they have included Indigenous policy, programs and projects to ensure that they make cultural, spiritual and economic sense;

  • Connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to their dreaming, their culture;
    Contribute to the resurgence of culture and healing in our communities;

  • Respect our ways of being invited in through community networks, storylines and songlines;

  • Provide and value cultural leadership/knowledge;

  • Embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages in everything we do;

  • Allow connection with our creation stories/dreaming’s and our ancient traditions and customs;

  • Help to navigate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples toward cultural freedom.

What is Biocultural Education?

Opportunities for quality connection to Yalanji, Kalkadoon, Meriam and Mbabarbam culture

•Holistic view of education system and Highlighting importance of connection to Country

•We are not sharing sacred knowledge of our cultures across any of our courses, we are simply sharing what can be made pubic.

Campfire or Island Mat Course - Pass or deliver Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge.

Sharing Biocultural knowledge courses - Show and demonstrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural knowledge, practices and customs.

Supervising Biocultural knowledge courses - Experience our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural methods through examples.

On Country - Understanding complex principles through Aboriginal and Torres Strait knowledge.

Cultural Education Sessions Currently Offered 

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Our Cultural Educators and Innovators

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