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Yilki Guludun Tagai 

Law & Biocultural Knowledge


Law, Consulting and Traditional Culture 

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Camp Fire

Reforming the Queensland Music Sector 

YGT has partnered with record labels, festivals and venues to improve cultural integrity and responsibility within the music sector, to create a good fire. We have also worked to improve employment and procurement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and businesses. We also want to help build meaningful relationships with discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to showcase the beauty and diversity of our people, and their art, dance, and songs. 


Native Title and Cultural Heritage 

YGT has been working to deliver education on Native Title and Cultural Heritage for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). We worked with the Office of Indigenous Engagement to co-design and deliver a series of one-hour virtual workshops to employees for each State and Territory in Australia, as well as National workshops. 


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