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Yilki Guludun Tagai 

Law and Bio-Cultural Knowledge



Innovation is core to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Communal knowledge creates a productive environment for innovative thinking.  The acceleration of change and the scale of disruption from data, digital technologies, globalisation and other forces means Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and businesses must evolve to survive.  We exist to use Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders spiritual and cultural knowledge, and our way of living to strategically design transformational policies and programs that strengthen our cultures, languages and knowledge.


For YGT this means solving big, complex societal, industry and community issues and capitalising on opportunities to help deliver outcomes that progress, optimise and protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, cultural knowledge and Country. We know that because we've helped countless clients to innovate using Meriam, Mbabaram, Woppabjurra and Yalanji, language, cultural knowledge and ecosystems. And we've also had to adapt. So, we've taken our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander innovation, which is at the heart of our cultural ecosystem – so you, and we, can make the change in the world that empowers and upholds self-determination.

Our innovation approach is based on the premise that innovation is the art of making hard things easy. We work with you to build Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural integrity and responsibility by sharing, honing and deploying new approaches, tools and services, and turning local practices into global best practices. We're constantly evolving to help you drive your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural integrity and responsibility forward, turning threat into an opportunity. Working together, we can help you design, deliver, evaluate and monitor better outcomes and deliver long-lasting results for our people, the land and culture.

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Synergised Innovation ​

Innovation agendas for our people require a foundation grounded in a synergised approach that leverages Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Western methods towards innovation.​ Leveraging the strengths of each approach will enable genuine unified innovation.​ The following areas are the cornerstones of the western paradigm for integrating a leveraged, synergised approach towards innovation:​

  • Small Business​

  • Science​

  • Entrepreneurship​

  • Education​

  • Technology ​

  • Health​

  • Mega trends and disruption ​

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