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Yilki Guludun Tagai 

Law & Biocultural Knowledge

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Who We Are - Our Message 

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YGT is a 100% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned and operated business specialising in Biocultural education,  knowledge, research, consulting, artwork and design. Our mission is to embed Bama (Aboriginal) and Islander (Torres Strait Islander) knowledge and culture into everything we do, and to spread our message: Respect for Bama and Islander People, Country, Land, Sky, Sea, Water and Culture. 

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Our Team 


Dr. Ruth Link
Director at YGT


Yalanji Woman


Uncle Charles Passi
Miriam Cultural knowledge holder and Educator


Gerry Turpin

Biocultural Knowledge Expert

Mbarbarum man


Mel Gampe


Mae Woomba lead


Jungaji Brady
Jimaldamal Music Sector Leader

GuGu Yalanji & Birri Gubba song man

How We Work

You may have heard the term traditional knowledge, or Bama/Islander cultural knowledge. A more recent term recognising this knowledge is Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge (IBK), ‘knowledge that encompasses people, language and culture, and their relationship to the environment’.  Our services ultimately seek to put people and culture back into the environment.

YGT Law & Biocultural Knowledge is pioneering a new way of operating where the central purpose is Wellness through connection to Country, Land, Sea and Sky.


Our services seek to:

  • Embed Bama and Islander led transformation from concept, design, implementation and evaluation

  • Create a courageous and strong spirit, mind and heart through sharing culture through our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, artwork and design  

  • Transform western policy, programs and laws so they are culturally, spiritually and economically responsible and integral to our peoples, lands and cultures

  • Connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Country, Land, Sea and Sky to the Dreaming and our ancestral connection

  • Specialising in decolonisation of western systems through revitalising and maintaining our cultural knowledge, way of living and being, healing and wellbeing as the fundamental game-changers to addressing the complex, wicked problems experienced by our peoples, lands and cultures

  • Embed Traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages in everything we do

  • Holistic relationship with Country, Land, Sea and Sky through our ancestral spirit, beings and totems and our relationship to our our ancient traditions, laws and customs


Our focus is innovation grounded in a synergised approach that leverages Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Western methods. We leverage the strengths of each approach enabling genuine innovation.  


The cornerstones of the Western paradigm that align with our core Bama and Islander business strengths are:


  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Consulting

  • Science and Technology

  • Education and Training 

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Design and Cultural Artwork

  • Mega trends and disruptions.


Innovation is core to Bama Gala – which is our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being, knowing, seeing, and doing. At YGT, we exist to use Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander innovation as a means of educating, advising and supporting our clients and communities through our services and biocultural education courses – all of which are grounded in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and languages to bring back the goodness in our law.

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