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Kalkadoon Country

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About Kalkadoon Country

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"Kalkadunga (Kalkadoon) Country is situated in Far North-West Queensland. 

The old people used to say the Country ran from Cloncurry River to the East, the Georgina River to the West, Sullieman Creek to the South and North to our Sacred Mountain near Riversleigh."


Colleen Sam, February 2022  

Connection to Country

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"My people’s connection to country is so profound that we know the spiritual connection is unceasing.


Our ancestors stand up in the mountains and they watch over us when we are walking around on Country.  They are still there, there spirits are still strong, they are still heard crying due to the massacres. 


That’s why it’s important to tell our story to release  the old people trapped in the trauma of the massacres that happened on our Country. As in the words of my Mother Ena Sam who is a Kalkadunga Knowledge Holder. It’s our way of setting our ancestors spirits free and also our people free too"

Colleen Sam, February 2022


The Beauty of Kalkadoon Country

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