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Yalanji Country


Wungar Duray Yalanji Country


Western Yalanji Country is  located in the State of Queensland, in Australia.  We are the First Nations people, also known as the Traditional Aboriginal people who have been holistically connected to Yalanji Country since creation.   Our Traditional Country is divided into clan estates, and the ‘right people for right Country’ responsible for looking after our sites, and the day to day living on Country. The Country is very powerful and in the words of Uncle Qwanji Brady, deep western Yalanji language speaker and traditional cultural knowledge holder to make Country healthy ‘it needs to be a combined effort of cultural knowledge and scientific knowledge, then you have a holistic effort’ (2008, Cairns).

An aerial view of the Mitchell River (Warwu Budja)

Clan Groups and Estates

Our clans groups and estates are:

1.         Kawanji,

2.         Juramada,

3.         Wulburjurbur

4.         Kanyar,

5.         Yurru,

6.         Jabur,

7.         Kangirr,

8.         Diurr

9.         Diyalmbayn

10.       Malul

11.       Jurrkurjubur

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owner Groups on our north, south, east and west boundaries of both Land and Water Country who are:  Eastern Yalanji, Muluridji, Wulbura, Kuku Mini, Kuku Buyunji, Kuku Nyungkul, Kuku Bidiji, Kuku Warra, Kuku Jungan, Wakura, Wokoimin, and Mbabaram.


Pictures of Yalanji Country 

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