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Meriam Ged Gur a Kotor
Land, Sea & Sky

The view of Waier from Mer 


Traditionally, the influence of the Meriam spread across the eastern most region of the Torres Strait, overarching both Dauar and Waier islets nearby and Erub and Ugar islands further north. The great expanse of water had shared understandings with neighbouring territories for resources (eg the Kulkalgal of central islands). One such relationship reached as far south as the traditional custodians of Raine Island, some 186km south of Mer.

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The clear island waters of Meriam Country

Much of this great expanse was treacherous sea with a great maze of reefs in between. The tiny island of Mer then was premium land within this expansive water-world that housed an incredible culture that understood the workings of the natural environment. This understanding was important, as survival on a small island community was hard over centuries of occupation in isolation and in the confines of a relatively small island. With an area of not more than 4.29 km2, respectful engagement practices and extreme discipline ruled the social and cultural environment.

Ged | Land 

Gur | Sea

Kotor | Sky

Meriam Ged Ged Gur a Kator 

Waier (in the foreground) and Dauar islands

Of volcanic origin, the soil is rich and a culture of gardening and an incredible system of land tenue was maintained since the arrival of the first people to Mer in Meriam mythology. We have our story of the original travellers to settle on Mer, “Pop and Cod”


Being part of the wider region of the Torres Strait, trading routes and traditional relationships, song-lines, were maintained for many centuries.


The usual means of transport in Meriam Country

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