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Yimbalji Design Studio

Why we do what we do

YGT Yimalbji uses the power of authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural design to create understanding, share our stories and knowledge and create action to heal Country. 

In Gugu Yalanji language Yimbalji means ‘We come with a message with this message stick’. Our message is to respect Bama (Aboriginal) and Islander (Torres Strait) peole and our land. Yamalaji Design Studio creates designs and cultural education with powerful and meaningful messages of respect for our people, land and culture. 

Our designs originate in the traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and stories of our people. We work together with our clients to Indigenise and align your brand/project in a way that is respectful, honest and represents the  cultural strengths, diversity and cultural knowledge of our people. Depending on the client’s needs, we bring together the perfect team, working hand in hand to tell the powerful story that reflects the place and culture of every Yimbalji design studio project.

YGT respectfully creates a junction point between the artist and the client in delivering our services.We are proud to deliver services that represent the two worlds respectfully. – Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander World and Western World.

Our authentic translation of traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art styles into designed-for-purpose communications, brings an opportunity to share traditional knowledge, stories and culture.


YGT also facilitates creative collaboration, working in consultation with traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and artesian to respect the meaning, cultural integrity and cultural responsibility of our story-tellers and cultural knowledge holders who continue our ancient cultural practices through cointuing the knowledge in painting and making artefacts.

YGT has a powerful network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and artisians from across Northern Australia and Torres Strait Islands.   

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Our Story & Team

Yimbalji Design studio began out of our own need for quality design work that represented the needs and vision of our company. Combining Ruth’s Yalanji knowledge and Mel’s artistic and design experience, we digitised Ruth’s own traditional artwork in a way that maintained the cultural integrity of her pieces in her consulting work. In early 2022, we established YGT Yimbalji to share our cultural and design knowledge to help companies, government  and communities to create bespoke cultural designs, icons and communications that represent their goals and vision. 


Our creative team is headed by:

Mel Gampe - Yimbalaji Chief Executive Officer, Mayi Wunba (European Bee) artist and designer

Ruth Link - Yalanji woman, Creative Director, artist and designer 

Colleen Sam - Kalkadoon principal educator, artist and innovator

Charles Passi - Meriam principal educator, artist and innovator

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